Exercise For Life


Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is not as difficult as you think. If you are determined to lose weight and can follow a strict but healthy discipline and stay motivated, there is no reason why you won’t succeed.  If you follow the simple tips given below, weight loss won’t be such an uphill task for you.

You may have heard it before, but let me remind you once more that there is no alternative to exercising, when weight loss is on your agenda.

The best way of increasing the body’s metabolism rate is to opt for weight lifting and resistance training. Your body will be developing muscles and for that calories will be burned throughout the day.

Combine weight lifting and resistance training with power yoga and aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises alone or normal yoga are not that beneficial in shedding flab.

Religiously climb the stairs in your workplace every day instead of using the elevator and watch your calories burn!

Brisk jogging or morning and evening walks aren’t bad ideas for losing weight and staying fit.

It would be even better if you can run for an hour everyday. Running on the treadmill isn’t half as good as running outdoors.

If you want to lose weight rapidly, you can choose to increase your cardiovascular exercises to a significant extent, but cardio exercises alone wont help to burn fat. You have to combine it with resistance training and weight lifting to get the maximum benefit.

If you are fond of sports, then swimming, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball are all enjoyable methods of losing weight naturally and increasing your fitness levels by leaps and bounds.

Now, we shall arrive at your eating habits. Unless you adopt healthy eating habits and life style changes, exercises alone won’t help. The two go together in creating an attractive and shapely figure or physique.

Eat a bit less than your normal food intake. Don’t cram yourself with food so that you are filled up to your neck. Eat in such a way that you leave space in your stomach. This will result in a caloric deficit, your body’s hunger craving won’t be fully satisfied and you will lose weight.

5 small meals a day, which are easy to digest, are 10 times better than 3 huge meals every day. Human body finds it easier to burn calories when small frequent meals are taken.

Stop being an indolent couch potato, abstain from munching on snacks in between meals and do household chores. This last one is highly under-rated but is extremely useful in losing substantial amounts of weight. Doing house work regularly keeps fat at bay.

Avoid junk food, chocolates, aerated drinks, sweets, butter, clarified butter, calorie laden oily, spicy food items, alcohol etc if you are serious about losing weight.

Learn that often weight loss is in the mind and you need to get your mind into the right gear before you do anything else.  You might also want to create one of those free blogs which will allow you to talk about what you've been up to in terms of weight loss.  Sometimes you just need somewhere to vent about stuff.